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Cake Design

Each cake design is different, often inspired by the things around me. Simple but effective.

Custom Bakes

From layered cakes, to cheesecakes, to glazed mousse cakes. Dazzle your palate with deliciousness every time.

Cupcake Delight

The perfect little treat for any occasion. Loved by all adults and children alike.


Ensuring your meal ends on that perfect sweet note with an excellent choice of fresh and light desserts.


My true love. From colourful chocolate pralines with unique fillings to deliciously original chocolate bars & more

Individual Design

Each cake is a new challenge. Each cake will look different. One constant is each cake will taste like heaven !

Tantalise your Tastebuds !

Two Tier Cakes –

Special moments require beautiful,…

Christening, Communion & Confirmation Ideas –

Special moments require beautiful,…

Wrap Cake –

This design is a new concept…

Bridal Shower, Baby Shower & Gender Reveal Cakes –

Gender reveal cakes and baby showers…

The Children’s Corner –

Occasionally, I’m tasked with…

Chocolate Bars – €20

December is round the corner and Christmas will be upon us fast.

Dried Flowers & Cake –

Lately I worked on a new design which I had been longing to try…

The Happy Cake –

I couldn’t think of a more befitting name for this cake…

Of drips, stripes and sprinkles –

Often enough, when a client has got to know me they leave the cake design up to me…..

Colours & Textures –

Colours and textures make a cake

The Face behind the Cakes

Hi ! and welcome to Dolci & Delizie !


I’m Stefania, I come from an Italian family with a vast background in food preparation. I’ve always been surrounded by scrumptious Italian cuisine, raised with that wonderful aroma of Sunday’s ragu’ wafting through the house.


My passion for pastry didn’t emerge as quickly as my love for eating it though. When my grandmother would let me meddle in her kitchen never minding the mess is when I really developed the desire to learn. I took a course in basic pastry to start with. It was interesting and learning the theory behind it all was exciting. But never as exciting as when you’re “con le mani in pasta”. That is when my ambition to increase my knowledge really took off.


I was given the opportunity to work alongside Maestro Riccardo Magni from Italy. It was an immense learning curve. After which I enrolled for one of his courses at Cast Alimenti in Brescia.  After that there were more courses, online and abroad with Lililoveme Academy to name one. A particular course was The Art of Chocolate making with Maitre Philippe Vancayseele from Belgium. This further increased my desire to work with chocolate above all else.


There is always a lot to learn and I never feel I’ve achieved enough. The hunger for knowledge is a fundamental thing in this job as it is what keeps the creativity going. That is why I never stop, I’m always ready to learn new techniques, new methods and explore new flavours. I use only the best ingredients and never cut corners.


This website will take you on a journey of flavours, colours and abstract decorations created with chocolate and anything edible that works. Dolci & Delizie was conceived to entice the palate and tantalize your taste buds!

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