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12 Aug

Ruby Cheesecake Pyramids – €30-

A new creation with Ruby chocolate - Ruby cheesecake. Individual desserts are always elegant especially when served at the end of a dinner. This cheesecake is flavoured with Ruby and has a subtle hint of raspberry enhanced by the creamy velvet texture. It is served on a sable' tart case filled with an almond frangipan. The flavour combinations work marvellously together, bringing a dessert that is light, enjoyable and very pretty. Maximum servings 6.

1 Aug

Vanilla Cupcakes with Hazelnut Praline cone – €21-

Vanilla cupcakes with vanilla frosting and mini chocolate coated cone filled with a delicious hazelnut praline ganache. This idea was a spur of the moment inspiration as I came across the mini cones while shopping. They are too small for icecream but perfect to use as decoration and to steadily hold a ganache. Speaking of this particular ganache, it is so good. I use it to fill chocolate pralines. It is reminiscent of Kinder Bueno but much better! I also tried it in a cake and the outcome was fantastic.