Stefania Soler

22 September 2019

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Coffee & Baileys Pralines – €20-


I’m so happy to announce that chocolate season is back after the long, hot summer break. This is where I feel free to create anything I want, without restrictions. Chocolate creation is where I “let my hair down” and work instinctively depending on my mood, my ideas and inspirations. The pralines are handmade, there’s pride and precision. No one design will be identical albeit similar but the execution has got to be perfect.

This flavour is all about coffee and texture. There’s a coffee gel and a baileys & hazelnut ganache. Two flavours that marry well together transpiring harmonously as one. The colours are an inspiration of the planet as seen on google earth.

This batch yields 16 pralines. Kindly note that I require a minimum 5 day notice to process the order.



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