Stefania Soler

15 November 2019

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Chocolate Flavours – €20-


I’m so happy to announce that chocolate season is back after the long, hot summer break. This is where I feel free to create anything I want, without restrictions. Chocolate creation is where I “let my hair down” and work instinctively depending on my mood, my ideas and inspirations. The pralines are handmade, there’s pride and precision. No one design will be identical albeit similar but the execution has got to be perfect.

The pralines featured in the image have delicious and exciting flavours. Speculoos is a new flavour I tried earlier this year. It is originally a type of spiced biscuit from the Netherlands. Works wonderfully as a filling for pralines.

The other featured flavour is Lemon & Milk Chocolate. As odd as the combination may sound, it is really delicious and original.



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