Of drips, stripes and sprinkles-

Often enough, when a client has got to know me they leave the cake design up to me. I ask if they have a colour preference, some do, others go with the flow. I take this opportunity to try different things or to go back to something I wouldn’t have done in a while.

Drips, stripes and sprinkles are not for everybody. Especially the latter. I take advantage of using sprinkles when I know the cake is for a very young customer. Kids generally enjoy some sparkle.  The combination of using all three at once turned out to be a big success, although it was a cake for adults. The colours are bright and bold, not for everyone, but I see it as a happy cake. There are times when I finish a cake and I need time to adjust to the design. It’s as though I need to look at it from a different perspective even though I would have planned it out.

Drips are tricky. Sometimes they may be too thick or too thin. Getting the right ratio and temperature is key. A white chocolate drip is different to a dark chocolate drip. What’s important is to have a very chilled cake before pouring.

Stripes on the other hand are a little bit easier. A good cake comb will do the trick.




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